Formula Fun: YouTube Edition

I am packing up my apartment and also at a convention this weekend, so pardon the dust and enjoy the selection of videos I have for you this week. Next week I should be all settled in my new place.
I’ll be talking about how collecting F1 stuff is harder than doing so in most other sports.

Former drivers driving the new generation of F1 car is I think the most interesting look at the current machines. Talking about the power and torque, they compliment the cars far more than the current drivers do.
It’s fascinating.
Martin Brundle has become the go to person to drive new cars, new tech, and most recently, the 18 inch tyres that are proposed for the next couple of years. But here he is in the Force India at Silverstone. Only breaking off one very expensive front wing, but otherwise, a very good test for him. I really wish there were more F1 stars of the past that could take the new cars for a spin. I wonder how Nikki Lauda would feel about these new cars.
But do you know what else older drivers in older cars is? Good Television. And speaking of television, F1 will be back in a little over 10 days!

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