Formula Fun: Post Homecoming Edition

Ahh yes, we are home Formula One fans. Well, spiritually at least. Silverstone is the home of F1, and F1 is most at home in Silverstone. The former airbase is the home of the most attended Grand Prix of the year. Where the silly season get’s its start, and get started it did. For once I will indulge the headlines, because I think this race weekend has produced the rumor of which I’m the most excited about in years.
Find out about that rumor, and what all happened during the race with me after the break.

So, what is this amazing rumor? Aston Martin (the automaker that has gotten our very own Jeff Glucker the most drunk) might be joining forces with Mercedes-Benz. Well, we already knew they were doing that with their road cars, but no, this is more delicious. They would be joining forces with Red Bull Racing, bringing along with them the #Blessed Mercedes power units. Oh yes kids, it seems like it’s probably bullshit, but take this from Will Buxton.
<blockquote class=”twitter-tweet” lang=”en”><p lang=”en” dir=”ltr”>Fancy some fuel for the Aston Martin branded Mercedes engines rumour? Just spied Aston CEO Andy Palmer in Force India.</p>&mdash; The Buxton Blog (@thebuxtonblog) <a href=”″>July 5, 2015</a></blockquote> <script async src=”//” charset=”utf-8″></script>
Hmmm, so maybe Aston Martin Red Bull Mercedes is on the horizon. Even though I am a McLaren fan, you would find me dressed entirely in AMRBM gear… with a Button hat, but still. This would be a big move for Aston Martin, Mercedes, and one hell of a power move from Red Bull.
The other big rumor we have have going into the weekend is that Kimi will not being keeping his seat at Ferrari, and might even be replaced before the end of the season. Kimi would be replaced by either fellow Finn Valterri Bottas, or Nico Hulkenburg. Both I think good choices, but bad news for Kimi fans. There is another rumor of him being subbed by Esteban Gutierrez for the Mexican Grand prix, giving Ferrari a home field runner.
But, rumors aside, we have something more important to talk about; The British Grand Prix. Silverstone has a unique micro climate, leaving the race to change from what looked like a clear weekend to changing conditions during the race. This was a race that was mostly decided by the wet conditions.

So, it was another all Merc front row, with the Williams duo locking out the second. The shock happened at the start though, as you can see above. It wasn’t Nico getting the jump on Lewis this week, it was Massa and Bottas bolting at the light. That though, was soon overshadowed by a pair of teammates at the back of the pack deciding that they really didn’t like one another, or didn’t really feel like racing this weekend. The Lotus boys collided, and in that mess Fernando Alonso got turned around and sent into the side of his teammate. That ended Jenson Button’s British Grand Prix, and as a British driver that had to hurt. After the start, and a safety car, the Williams duo was once again on the move, with their slippery car and strong Mercedes power unit, they were faster than the Mercs in the dry. Of course, there was a bit of team orders drama, but the race was Williams’ to lose.

And, on leaving the paragraph like that, you may be feeling red like Massa. Or like Bottas. The race was pretty much thrown earlier than the rain might have taken it away. Williams strategy calls have undone them twice now. Austria last year, and now this British Grand prix. And, when the rain did hit, they were much slower, thus ending any comeback attempts. The interesting thing about this race was not the result, but how the result happened. In the early part of the race, the Ferrari’s looked like it was going to be a weekend to forget for them. But then the rains came, and Vettel came alive, driving from 6th to 3rd. That and the two Mercedes drivers going for broke left us with the same podium we have seen for most of the year, but I have to say, this is a race I would go back and watch if you have not. With the changing conditions, shock start, and teammate crashes leaving a race with more action than we have seen all year.
Next week is a week off, but you know you will be getting your weekly dose of Formula Fun here.

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