Formula Fun, First edition

Welcome everyone to the very first edition of a regular feature I am calling Formula Fun. “What is the purpose of all this?” you might be asking. Well, as someone who loves this great sport, I often find any writing about Formula 1 to be mostly doom and gloom these days. There are budget crises, Red Bull threatening to take their ball and go home, or Sauber looking like it has more drivers than sense.
There is another side to this series that I love. I want to showcase the weird, the fun, and the irreverent side of this sport. This isn’t to say that I will be ignoring the current goings on in the lovely circus that is F1, but again, no doom and gloom here. You can go get that everywhere else.

We are five days and some change away from the next Grand Prix, so I will save any news and such for next week. For this past weekend, however, I give you with this in honor of His 55th birthday… when Senna met Sonic.
Senna holding Sonic.
So, what is this going to be week to week? My plan is to highlight a video of F1 weirdness, such as the above lip synch to the beloved anthem of sad teenagers “Welcome to the Black Parade.”
From there I’ll either rundown the weeks news, or if it is a race weekend, a little bit of a recap and description of the race. This week is more of an introduction to this little feature, and myself as an author. I am a 19 year old writer, student, and sometimes comedian living in the heart of Austin, Texas. I have been an F1 fan all my life, and this is my way of sharing that love and passion with a wider audience. I hope to keep on here for a long time, and hopefully keep you all entertained and get you all engaged in the wonderful world of F1.
[Image courtesy of Sega Brazil]

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  1. neight428 Avatar

    I want to like F1, it should be the “let’s see just how fast we can make a car go around a circuit” alternative that throws all of the egalitarian field leveling measures out the window. It has been that to some extent, and then Powerful Forces hem it in with compromises and it becomes an expensive cartoon without any actual competition involved. Amazing speed, ridiculous technology, mind-blowing talent and an unwatchable product. The winner for the past decade has been whoever’s engineers guessed correctly on that year’s major arbitrary rule change(s) with occasionally two constructors hitting close to the mark.
    Not that I can really think of a more compelling alternative. High level NASCAR is infected with a different flavor of the same problem.
    All the best with your efforts here Patrick, just don’t let Austin go to your head lest you think no one else in this world knows how to smoke a brisket.

    1. Patrick Hoffstetter Avatar

      I can agree with you to an extent. Right now, the field isn’t as close as it should be, just because mercedes was able to follow the new rules to the measure. But from 09 to 13 yes, red bull won four of those years, but the entire field was running very fast and very well. If you want a year that showcases how lovely and jaw dropping this sport can be, I suggest you look towards the 2012 season. 8 different winners, 7 of which in the first 7 races.

      1. neight428 Avatar

        That’s the frustrating thing when I try to get in to it (and I really do want to). You have a season like 2010 or 2012 where everything looks great with 3 or 4 constructors vying for the podium for at least a good chunk of the season, but then you have 2011 where 63% of the races were won by one team (58% by one driver) and 2013 & 2014 where it was skewed even worse.
        It would be like trying to follow baseball not knowing what team would be fielding major leaguers and who would get AAA talent going in to each season.