Formula Fun: Easter Edition

As we mourn the loss of Top Gear, let us not forget the show, much like the baby Jesus, may rise again. In all honesty, this has been a pretty light week in the world of F1. It seems like the news cycle, along with the teams, might have all focused their brainpower towards China next weekend. This honestly includes myself, but when you make a schedule for yourself, you keep it.

Now, I have been pretty busy this past week, I got the all clear to walk from my doctor, after a scooter wreck that took me off my feet for about six weeks and some change. Oh, and I bought a 30 year old Porsche. That’s been fun. And by fun, I mean more of a learning experience than any other car I have owned. You’ll see and hear more about that car as I learn how to wrench and do things to it.
So without much news in the world of F1 we look towards other open wheel series, and we find that classic names battled it out in California this weekend as Formula E once again took to the street circuit at Long Beach. Nelson Piquet Junior, Nicholas Prost, and Bruno Senna all tangled where their famous family members once did battle in F1. This race also saw the first change in how car changes are done, the first couple rounds of this extended 2014/2015 season had drivers go all the way into the garage to switch cars. This race the changes took place in the traditional pit lane of the track, the same one the Indy Cars, and F1 cars used to use.
I’m not the first person to make this comparison, but I think Formula E is less of a replacement for F1 going forward, but more the origin story of the racing we see in video games like F-Zero, and Wipeout. Funky techno, international grid, and high tech sustainability. I recommend anyone that hasn’t watched any of the races to go and do that. They put them right on their YouTube page.
Here is one thing I would like from you, dear reader, I would like some feedback on the type of things you want to see of Off weeks like this where the news is scarce. Would you like personal F1 anecdotes, would you like classic F1 coverage, or something else entirely? Lemme know in the comments, or by getting in touch on Twitter. But for now, I leave you with a picture from Friend of Hooniverse, Stef Schrader. Because Easter, and Because Puffalump
Fluffy Bunny

Image courtesy of Stef Schrader

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  1. Tamerlane's Thoughts Avatar
    Tamerlane’s Thoughts

    Perfect timing, Patrick. I went to Formula E on Saturday and will try to work on a post tonight for tomorrow’s publication. There was definitely a novelty factor. To make up for the lack of engine noise, they played loud techno music throughout the ENTIRE race.

  2. nanoop Avatar

    “Oh, and I bought a 30 year old Porsche.”
    This is exactly what I want to hear about in the off weeks!
    Clean the grounds, and use high ZDDP oil.

    1. Patrick Hoffstetter Avatar

      You’ll maybe hear more about her in a separate column!