Formula Fun: A Eulogy

The clock on F1 goes back to zero. We have lost another. Jules Bianchi was one of the brightest rookies we had ever seen. His drive to 9th at Monaco was one of the greatest drives I have seen in Formula One. He did things in a back marker car that should have been impossible, and he was poised to keep moving up the gird, surely a future race winner, and seemingly WDC material. He was a shining young star, taken from us way too young.
From that dark October day, to this dark July week, we have done nothing but root for him to pull through. This week is all about Jules, and what he meant to me. 
If you wanted to have one video of who Jules Bianchi was, this is it. A beautiful interview with his friend Will Buxton. The wry smiles, the honest story, the humility in the face of his immense talent is just breathtaking, and once again drives home who we lost.
I have been searching my heart for what feels like forever already. We all knew that, even in the best timeline, that full recovery was almost impossible. But, still I had hope. Call it denial or call it not facing the facts, but in my heart I still thought of him as a future world champion. I figured he would still come through and win. Losing someone like this, is very cruel. This shouldn’t happen anymore. After Senna died, we shouldn’t have any more losses like this. I waver between angry, sad, and confused. I am at a loss of what to do. What can I do? What can we as a community do? We mourn, we cry, and we get together to yell “Not one more”.
Jules was my favorite of the back of the grid. He was funny, charming, fast as hell, and obviously was destined for Ferrari. He is the reason that Manor is still on the grid, and I hope they go on to continue, so the legend of Jules continues. His two points seem so small in the grand scheme of F1, but they speak far louder than that. Those two points were the impossible. He held off so many people, a time penalty, and much faster cars to get those points, breathing life into the struggling back marker. It is said that Jules signed a contract for 2015 with Sauber the morning of his accident, and we can only imagine what a charge he would have had this year with them. Plus we can’t forget that he was always destined to race at Ferrari, perhaps even next year. We will never know what would have happened, and that is a god damn shame.
F1, let us never forget young Jules, and join with me and saying “Never Again.” Pour one out, take a drink, salute, or do whatever you need to do. We lost one of our own, and it’s gonna hurt for a long time. Hope you all have a good week, hug your loved ones, and Forza Jules.

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  1. Monkey10is Avatar

    You are right about the impact Jules made on F1 in his time at Marussia/Manor. Too often in the last few years race seats in the backmarker teams have seemed like a revolving door, but with Jules there was the real feeling that we were seeing the humble start of someone we would be watching for many years to come.
    Losing him was a cruel blow.