Foreign Domestic: 1956 Dodge Regent

Here in the mythical land of Canada, back in the 1950’s, Chrysler of Canada decided that they needed a car all their own to sell in Dodge showrooms that would give them something unique and distinctive. As was so often the case with the Chrysler Corporation, they did not exactly succeed brilliantly.

This appears to be a 1956 model Dodge Regent, which was a car created from a hodgepodge of parts from other Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth models in the US. For some reason, it was determined that there should be a lower-priced Dodge available in Canada, which then occupied a slot normally reserved for Plymouth products. The car itself was reasonably successful up here, but it’s difficult to determine whether those were sales that would simply have been other Plymouth products had the Regent not been available.

Ignoring the conceptual issues inherent in the vehicle itself, it is a tasteful design. The bright pink paint does actually appear to be original, judging by the imperfections surrounding the trim, wheelwells and key-holes, and it is in remarkably good shape, albeit in need of some freshening up. I stumbled across this car in a parking lot, and it has to be said, there is something refreshingly honest about seeing an old car like this being daily-driven in rough winter weather. It is the two-door coupe, meaning it can only be the inline-six engine, but it still looks like it would probably be a whole bunch of fun.

I know very little about these cars, and Wikipedia was unable to provide me any further enlightenment, so if any of our readers have further information to share, we’d love to hear it.

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