2021 ford bronco order email

Ford tells me my Bronco is almost here, but…

I pre-ordered the new Ford Bronco the day after it was announced. That’s because the pre-order demand was so high that it caused the Ford website to crash on the first day. $100 deposit later and I was told someone will get back to be. Months later I got one curtesy call from a dealership in which the person told me that they had no news for me. That was weird.

Then, the news of the delay came. That delay was supposedly caused by a roof supplier. That actually makes sense as Ford doesn’t really have a Bronco-like roof on any of their other vehicles. A global pandemic surely did not help anything.

Finally, today I received an official email from Ford. It’s the big one, kids. It’s the one we have been waiting for!

bronco order issues

Okay, so far so good. I am going to go and play with Build & Price because I absolutely have not done that yet. Then I can go and place my order whenever my dealer contacts me. I assume at that point they will ask me for more money. And then FIVE MONTHS later they will tell me when I can expect my Bronco.

Five. Months. To tell me when I will get it.

But it gets worse…

bronco delayed feature
Fine, I can live with the above. I want a four-door base model with the four-cylinder engine. I don’t want the Lux package or the leather interior. But damn it, I want the Sasquatch Package with 35-inch tires and the diff lockers. Gotta have diff lockers in case it rains when I’m dropping my kids off at school, obviously.

But wait, it gets much worse…

“Black Modular Painted Hard Top” – I don’t know what that means, is it the base black hard top or the fancier painted hard top but in black? I need a hard top, I live in New England. I guess I can skip the dual top and just get a soft top later, if ever.

Roof rack with Sasquatch Package. I need the roof rack. I ski and bike and transport Christmas trees. More importantly, that factory Bronco roof rack just looks cool! And for the longest time I could not understand why it wasn’t available with the four-door Sasquatch Package on the Build & Price but was available on all others.

Personally I don’t care for the manual transmission (sorry, not sorry) or the white top. And I will always be able to add the roof rack later. So this isn’t that much of a bad news for me.

my bronco order

I placed my pre-order on July 13th, 2020. There is only one thing that could potentially delay it and that’s the Sasquatch Package. And maybe the hard top – I am not sure. Regardless, waiting about a year from the time of pre-order to delivery is rather ridiculous. It took less time than that for me to completely renovate my house, basement to attic.

At this point I am not sure if I will end up buying it. Order time and potential dealer price “adjustments”, along with personal issues put me in the solid “maybe” category. I can’t wait to see what the dealer tells me. Meanwhile, local Jeeps dealers have serious inventory on hand.

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9 responses to “Ford tells me my Bronco is almost here, but…”

  1. Six Avatar

    Stick with it! You’ll probably hate yourself later if you don’t go through with it.

  2. Zentropy Avatar

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this turns out for you. I definitely want a Bronco, but given the age of my kids, I’m holding onto our minivan for at least a couple more years. Hopefully by the time I’m ready for one, there will be a used market (many buyers are only interested because it’s the “cool thing” to do, not because they really want what the Bronco offers, so they’ll trade them in). The new market should by that time be better saturated, too.

    Good luck!!

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      It’s interesting, though, that all of the high-demand items are things I specifically DON’T want. I definitely don’t want a two-door, the Sasquatch package, the Wildtrak, the V6, leather trim, or the luxury equipment group.

  3. Bobtaxtish Avatar

    Well, at least in the meantime you can play “Caption This” with the pre-production computer generated images of skinny-jeans wearing trucker hatted lumbersexual baristas freezing their tattooed asses off on the Oregon coast. Did they just ‘shop the Bronco into an existing Carhartt advertisement? How did three humans and three surfboards get there in a Bronco with no roof rack? Maybe they took the roof rack off along with the doors, which presumably were on the truck for the highway portion of their trip as ‘removal of doors (is) for off-road use only’.

    1. Idaneck Avatar

      This comment had me laughing for quite a while. The irony of the picture is unreal.

  4. Idaneck Avatar

    I have a reservation (Oct) for a base, 2-door, manual Bronco. Not sure on Sasquatch, even though I live in the Idaho mountains. The GX460 has always done well.

    I may cancel my spot, because the first 5 years of a Ford can be a real pain. Maybe I’ll get a Honda CT125 (Hunter Cub) and have fun the old Idaho way.

  5. caltemus Avatar

    I saw my first Bronco Sport in the wild today, white with black wheels. The DRL LEDs look a bit basic, but I’m not sure what trim level it was.

  6. neight428 Avatar

    It seems like Ford has stepped on its crank about ten times with the Bronco rollout. I get that the pandemic/lockdown is a huge disruption to supply chains, but it’s not like they just whipped out the clean sheet of paper last February. People really like this thing, they’ve already sold out the first model year production, and by the time they’re out, probably the second too if you count cancelled orders.

    Still waiting on the F150/Expedition based two door Bronco Max Raptor.

  7. jimmycrackcorn Avatar

    Ford stock – right where it belongs. If you can’t amend your conversion process from the Ranger in less than two years to wear a mew front clip & some frame rail enhancements….maybe you’re not even good at tour core business (trucks) anymore Ford? ??‍♂️