For The Same Price As A Kia Rio, You Could Have This

Find me a Kia with that much character.
We found this beautiful beast for sale on a Kia lot recently. Saying that it’s the nicest car on the lot was certainly an understatement. But let’s look a little closer.
Sure, it might take ten minutes to walk around it…
The car is listed for sale in good — but far from perfect — condition at $9500. The salesman says there is a minor leak surrounding the water pump, and there is evidence of a bit of bondo repair-work on the front fenders; so let’s say it needs a bit of work invested into it. A Kia Rio starts at about C$15,900. For your fifteen grand, you get a tiny econobox that, let’s face it, will be disposable. In five years, you’ll throw it away, or give it to your niece, or try and sell it to that kid heading off to college who lives two blocks over. Or, for the same price, you could buy this, and sink six grand into a new paint job and some engine work. The interior is in decent shape, but would eventually need a bit of refreshing. None of this is crucial, and much of the work could be done yourself with a bit of time and care. But more importantly, you’d have a car that, five years from now, you’d be even more proud of than you are on the day you buy it. Doesn’t that seem like a better investment? Oh, and did we mention, it’s better for the environment too? Who would think that a huge, V8-engined land yacht like this could actually be better for the environment than a Rio? But it’s true. The Rio has to use resources from the planet to be manufactured. The Lincoln has already been manufactured, so the longer you keep it running, the kinder you are to your planet. Love your planet. Save the Lincoln.

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