For the Record – Triple Threat BMX Jump

Jed Mildon of New Zealand leapt into the record books last weekend by attempting a triple backflip jump on a BMX bike. That’s one brave Kiwi. Click through the jump for the jump.

World First BMX Triple Backflip! brought to you by Funny Tube

2,000 spectators, 66-feet of ramp and months of preparation all culminated it a run that lasted all of 10 seconds, but in that time clicked off three times a lady backflips. The video gives you both the spectators’ and Mildon’s view of the jump.

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  1. tempesjo Avatar

    It's definitely a rad clip, except it's missing the part where Jed tells Luke to take the mattresses off the landing ramp before he sticks his first successful backflip.

    1. Jeff Glucker Avatar
      Jeff Glucker

      Yes! Rad reference!

      1. tempesjo Avatar

        Yes! Considering I haven't seen the movie in 25 years and the mattress scene was the first thing that came into my mind when I saw the clip, Rad must have made a pretty big impression on me at age 11.

    2. tempesjo Avatar


  2. joshuman Avatar

    Excavation should be an integral part of any backyard stunt activity. It's a shame he didn't start on the roof of a house.