For Sale – Complete Volvo 240 Racing Team Including Safety Car

Volvo 240s and a 480ES. Ready to race.
Just in case you woke up this morning with the thought “I need to assemble a race-ready team of brick Volvos, pronto!”, I happen to have something for you. A seller in my region has a complete eight-car set of caged Volvo 240s with B23 engines. Included is a Volvo 480ES Turbo safety car and a truckload of spares. Make the jump for more pics. Judging by the description Asiakastilaisuuskalusto, the eight (photos mostly show seven 240s) Volvos have been used as business-to-business customer relation trackday cars for various companies. Shaking hands, doing deals, hooning Volvos, you know. All you need is a track to run them – and since the seller says they are set for dry, wet and ice racing, it could be you only really require a frozen lake. They come with spiked tires, overalls and all. VAT reclaimable, too. The choice of having a 480ES as a safety car is undeniably cool. I’ve always been a big fan of the doorstop Aerodeck-y Volvo, and with it being the 1.7 turbo I’m even more fond of it. I have no idea if it’s reliable enough to run as a safety car, but at least it has pop-up headlights which naturally override any boring real-life concerns. Also, all photos are dated 2003-2005, which is not all that recent. The track they’ve been pictured seems to be Kemora, in Veteli. No price for the set of cars is disclosed, but the seller words it as thus: “Hold three-hour races with 42 drivers, and the whole package is paid for in a few days. Get your local motoring club’s finances back in shape with this.” Healthy optimism, I say. Everything is ready for you to pick it all up. Only sold as complete set, so you better have it all figured out. Ad here (only partially in Finnish)   Photos:

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