For Sale: Bimmerworld 1999 Volvo VNL 420 with Great Dane Transport Trailer

1999 Volvo VNL 420 tractor front right
The problem with owning a race car is that race cars are not street legal and need to be transported to the race track. But if you’re serious about racing you will want to transport more than just your race car. For each race you will need tools, jack and stands, spare parts, and extra wheels. Then you have to deal with logistics stuff; food, drinks, water, clothes, possibly camping equipment. Anyway you look at it, it’s a lot of crap to haul to weekend race and clearly you will need a truck.
Have you seen current truck prices? You need fifty grand for a decent heavy duty pickup truck. You can save some money by buying a used and abused one, but it still isn’t cheap. Then you will need a trailer. Open trailers are cheaper and lighter but then you have to pile everything into the truck. Enclosed trailers are a cool option but that price creeps up quickly and you’ll definitely need a bigger truck.
But now there is this, and any serious budget focused team should take a long hard look at it:

1999 Volvo VNL 420 tractor front side
From the ad:

1984 Great Dane 48′ Closed-Tandem Semi-Trailer w/ 1999 Volvo VNL 420 tractor

Direct all inquiries to Bruce Hanusosky

  • Tractor
    • 1999 Volvo VNL 420 tractor
    • VIN 4VG7DEGH0XN758050
    • 667k miles
    • Volvo VE12 diesel (425Hp/1800)
    • 10-speed Rockwell transmission
    • 3.73 rear-end
    • 12,000# front axle
    • 42” standard sleeper
    • XM radio/CD
    • full aero package
    • aluminum wheels
    • 75/55 gallon dual tanks
    • jake brake

Has bend in frame rail from road debris (2008 incident) but zero resulting issues.  New clutch, power steering pump/hoses, drive tires.

  • Trailer
    • 1984 Great Dane 48’ Semi-Trailer
    • VIN 1GRCB9025ES142701
    • Originally the Lotus show car trailer with nose bathroom/office (removed), it has been converted to haul 3 full-size sedan cars with an open testing/utility layout inside, with an open top deck for easy access to work on underside of cars at track.
    • Kubota GL-6500S LowBow Diesel Generator
    • Hydraulic liftgate
    • $8k worth of C-Tech cabinets and workbench installed, as well as additional diamond-plate cabinets in front nose area
    • Wood floor
    • Tons of E-track
    • Belly boxes
    • Observation deck (removed for indoor storage height constraint, but available to be reinstalled by new owner).
    • Skylight (left from removal of large satellite dish) does not leak (10 years plus) and provides ample natural light
    • 48’x20’ Bruce Custom Awning (formerly High Tech Transporter Awnings) included with both the old Lotus cover (green/white) and a newer Bruce Custom Awning (formerly High Tech Transporter Awnings) white with blue cover with removable BimmerWorld branding (patch is stitched on)

Well-maintained, fresh blue paint in 2008, shows well.  All records, tags, and DOT inspections are current.  We have run this transporter for the last 11 years across the country and would take it anywhere and continue to use it.  Tremendous and unexpected opportunity on new replacement unit forces sale.

So for less than $70,000 you transport not one but two of your crappy race cars to the track, and you can bring the whole damn garage with you!
Looks like the cab needs some cleaning up, wiring looks messy, seat is ripped, and who know what happened on that sleeper.
© Adam Hale 2007
I can just imagine my awesome Buick  being lowered on that.
trailer great dane
Now I don’t know jack about these big boy trucks and their trailers, so perhaps some can enlighten me here – why does this seem so cheap?
Take this $70,000 tractor/trailer combo, add a reasonably priced Viper race car, and you got a beautiful setup for less than a price of loaded Nissan GT-R!

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  1. Sjalabais Avatar

    Cool, they even replaced the Volvo logo with the BMW propeller. But they forgot something essential…no fog lights?

  2. Hopman Avatar

    If I had $70k, I’d snag it. Plus you’d have space outside for the most epic Lemons barbecue ever!

  3. Van_Sarockin Avatar

    Nice ride. Good condition. Low miles. Fun options. But I’ll need to save more cash for my exoticar demo derby hoopties.

  4. Moparmarv Avatar

    That is a really good deal to be sure. all set up and ready to rock.

  5. Ron Stimbert Avatar
    Ron Stimbert

    Man, buy this thing and who even needs a garage?
    Bring it to your local autocross meet. Everyone waiting in the wings to see what the hell just showed up and pull out a C Stock Mini or something. It would be great.

  6. ptschett Avatar

    Would it be silly for me to ask if a “Bummerworld: Race Performance Un-proven” theme has been done at LeMons/ChumpCar yet?

  7. racer139 Avatar

    If they a buying a new tractor i wish them all the luck in the world.. do not buy an international engined anything.. there is a reason they started using cummins engines. All this emmision crap makes diesel engines ticking time bombs. 2010 international, bad engine due too dpf and Egr, 254 ×××km. 2014 ram diesel 3500 dually. Replace fuel filters every 8000km or so or will go into limp mode. 99 international, dt466 that went 710×××km before loosing compression. They dont make em like they used too.

  8. randy clark Avatar
    randy clark

    I’d say its so cheap because it has a Volvo pulling it. That’s about what the trailer is worth most likely. A Volvo of that year can be bought at auction for $10,000 or less all day long. And I’d gave to see the from damage. Even if there are no lasting issues, a bend in a frame rail is a big DOT no no.