For Sale – 1992 Chevrolet Beretta GTZ

Shuffling through classified ads for cars I do not dislike because I do not know better – Saratoga, LeBaron, Lumina all say hello – I found this 1992 Beretta being advertised. Now, we do have a number of Berettas in the country, as they were officially imported here back in the day, but the GTZ isn’t one that is particularly numerous as most seem to be 3.1 granddadmobiles instead.

It’s black, it’s mean and at a little bit under 2000 EUR it’s almost cheap. Let’s take a look.

You have to admit, it looks really damned good. It seems to be completely stock down to the wheels if I’m not mistaken, and it’s completely black down to the wheels as well. The inset headlights give it a mean look and the tinted tail lights echo that impeccably. I think it looks exactly like the kind of sports coupe I would’ve been drawing in 1992. Yeah, I was a weird kid.

The seller claims there’s some patina around the 20-year-old car, but I’m not seeing much.

Of course, there’s wear inside what with 232 advertised 000 on the clock (I really hope those are in kilometres) and the seats look fairly tired. They also look less supportive than anyone’s significant other after a suggestion of “Hey, let’s get a 1992 Beretta.”

The steering wheel and the rubber-gaitered shifter look somewhat terrible too. I’m usually against extensive interior modifications, but to be honest I’d junk pretty much everything inside the cabin – in the name of weight savings, of course. Those plastics have nothing to do with it..

How much help in the name of improved power-to-weight ratio would that Quad-4 need? There’s a claimed 184 horses from the 2.3-litre engine, which for a sleek coupe like the Beretta isn’t too bad. I’m interested in knowing how the Beretta would handle, stock or somewhat modified; I’ve never driven one.

“This is a great car for entering the wild world of American cars”, says the seller. For 1950 euro and with a recent inspection pass, is it?

[Source: Nettiauto (ad partially in Finnish)]

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