For Sale – 1964 Jaguar Mark X


How do you like your patina? Charming, characteristic or cadaverous? It’s up for you to judge this Jag, to guesstimate just how much work it requires. It’s a damn-near-50-year-old car that might have been refreshed once-over, or it could be as original as possible – the seller keeps schtum about it. It also appears the seller is Estonian, so his verbiage is rather truncated. The ad only says “Good for restoration. Technically ok. Inspected. Accept trades”, so it’s like a Woot Bag of Jag, for 10 grand of your Euro currency.

More pics coming up.

Good news: there’s either an abundance of dry ice at the photo location or the Jag indeed runs. It has the venerable/venereal 4.2-litre XK straight six with three SU carburetors, which should have been good for 255 horses back in ’64.

The Mk10 / Mark X also was the largest Jag ever built, but still some figures mark the 0-100 km/h time as 8.6 seconds. Clocking that must be an admirable sight.

This photo shows the excellent paintjob. While the chrome is lustworthy, the paint is completely cloudy like a foggy lake on an autumn’s morning. I can hear Tara by Roxy Music in my head, as I’m going through the photos. Some clearcoat is peeling in large patches, but otherwise I’d keep the paint as-is.

Inside, the Jaguar is just as great. The blood-coloured leather is dry and cracked, but not too much. There’s some disturbing stereo wiring going on, and something that looks like a remote control between the front seat and the console, but that can probably be easily discarded.

Just look at this. There are small wooden tables in the back, for whatever your table-laying needs are. Scotch, perhaps? I can’t imagine what it smells like there, except for the slight musty smell of history.

The last photo here shows the size of the car. The trunk is simply huge, extending for what looks like eternity. Wire wheels on old-looking rubber are tucked deep inside the wheelarches, with the curvature of the body ballooning.

Ever so slightly creepily, the car is photographed against a forest backdrop on overcast weather. The setting fits the slumbering, dreamlike Jaguar perfectly.

But, is 10k a dream price for the Mark X?

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