Florida's Best: the Extra Terrestrial Vehicle

No, that’s not a 15′ long replica of a Microsoft optical mouse. Nor is it an acid-induced photochop. The Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle is the brainchild of Mike Vetter (a noted Florida builder of custom “supercars” and, strangely enough, a Gemballa-modified Carrera GT), and its for sale now on eBay in a delightfully gut-churning shade of red.

Be thankful this image isn’t larger.
Eschewing the more traditional VW Type 1 pan situation, the “sporty” ETV is built around a (I’m not even making this up) Chevy Aveo’s Cobalt chassis and engine, which is as far as I can tell completely bone stock. At approximately $22,000 more than a bare-bones 2010 Corvette, it doesn’t exactly take a financial planner to tell ya this is possibly the worst value in recent memory. To paraphrase Shelley, And on the wretched fender these words appear: “My name is Mike Vetter, king of kustoms: Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!” Nothing beside remains. Round the decay Of that enormous POS, bloated and gaudy The lone and level suburbs stretch far away. And, despair ye shall: Extra-Terrestrial Vehicle on eBay Motors

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