First Seconds Saturdays of the Second Season Tomorrow!

Citroen DS

We’ll be waiting for you…

Got that? No? We’ll clarify: get your sorry behind on up, down or over to Hanzel’s Auto Body Works in Oakland. Tomorrow, as that’s Saturday.

Last season featured such gems as a uber-lightweight Porsche 912, a big block Ford powered Heckflosse and 2011 Hooniversal Car of the Year: the Zombee MGB. Also on hand will be a number of gorgeous Citroens and Citroen-derived furniture.

It’s an awesome low-key event that usually features coffee and scones in addition to great car camaraderie. If you’re in the Bay Area, you should really roll on by. Hooniverse will be on site, as well.

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Hanzel’s Auto Body Works is located at 456 23rd St in Charming Oakland.

Unfortunately, someone’s decided to place a light-duty chain across the adjacent parking lot to prevent unnecessary revenue generation (seriously, sacrebleu!?). The proprietors of Chez Hanzel have been kind enough to open the shop to attendees’ cars on a first-come first serve basis, after which parking will be on the (enforced) metered street out front…so bring your quarters.

See you there!

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