First Class Hoon, Pat Long, Is Back. This Time In Double Vision Video

The only American-born Porsche factory driver, Patrick Long, is a very busy guy.  Somewhere in his 2010 schedule, he managed to find some time to take the track record for GT3 cup cars at Monticello Motor Club, upon his first visit to the track.  Here, we have two different viewpoints of the same lap,  one placed just aft of the front driver side wheel, showcasing the wheel inputs in a way no other view can, and one from inside the cockpit.  

The car in question. 2010 Grand Am spec GT3 Cup 3.8.
At an event for members only, the Monticello Motor Club invited Grand Am Champion, Scott Pruett, out to lap in a brand new Lexus LFA supercar (The yellow blur you see in the video), and Patrick Long tagged along to do some testing for JLowe racing’s Grand Am GT3 Cup. [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube] [vimeo][/vimeo] The final video is the little publicity capture that Monticello did for the day.  (The bit about Tilke liking the track is a bit of “damning with faint praise”, am I right?).  It’s interesting as it quickly covers Pat’s impressions of the track, and it has some awesome LFA sounds as an added bone ….um…bonus.  

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