Field-expedient beer repair keeps overheating Hyundai on rally podium

Thierry Neuville

At last weekend’s World Rally Championship round in Mexico, Belgian rally driver Thierry Neuville and his co-driver, Nicolas Gilsoul, noted that their Hyundai, sitting in third place at the final service area, was overheating. They investigated and found the leak but, unable to seek outside assistance, had to refill the cooling system with what they had in the car. Luckily, rally sponsor Corona had presented the duo with an enormous bottle of cerveza after one of the stages for post-race celebration; the rally drivers filled the radiator with the beer and set off. The brew, combined with whatever other liquid they had in the car, kept the car from overheating for the final couple of stages (with a top-off or two) and landed Neuville and Gilsoul Hyundai’s first podium with the new i20 rally car.

[Hyundai Motorsport photo]

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