FIAT and Chrysler Not So Different After All

Just in case you felt you hadn't "expressed yourself" enough.
Demonstrating that Chrysler has not cornered the market on patronizing condescension, FIAT has announced a new version of their 500 subcompact designed exclusively for women.
How could it have possibly gone wrong?
Now, we don’t normally care about new cars, but in this case it’s a rehashing of something we’ve seen before. Tthis is not a new trick; Dodge presented perhaps the most blatant example of pandering to the “weaker sex” in 1954 with its LaFemme. It was little more than a Custom Royal Lancer with a custom paint job and some trim pieces, but it was those trim pieces that made the difference. Every LaFemme was equipped with a matching handbag, matching compact (anyone?), matching lighter and matching cigarette case. The interior was finished in higher-quality materials, and it was equipped with a slightly upgraded power steering and power braking unit, as well as a different gear-shifter that was thought to be more “elegant”. All the images in the manual featured women in Parisian fashion, and all the instructional diagrams featured buttons being pushed by slim gloved hands. FIAT, on the other hand, is not taking it to quite that level. Included in this trim package, formerly referred to as the “Barbie Special Edition”, is a bright pink paint job, custom floor mats, a bright pink key… and a sunroof. That’s it. “It will appeal to free thinking drivers who have a distinctive personality,” said Elena Barnadelli, Fiat’s UK marketing director. We’re assuming this is a translation from Italian, and that it got filtered in the process. What was actually said was likely something to the effect of “This will appeal to easy girls who you can take back to your apartment after only a glass of wine and a few shallow compliments.” On second thought, maybe it’s not such an awful idea after all.
Classy and feminine. Or, so they tell us. Repeatedly.
[Source: Autocar UK, HowStuffWorks]

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