Fiat 500 Limo Puts The Engine in The Back – Way Back

An unsuspecting motorist on Germany’s Autobahn saw a familiar sight in his rear-view mirror- that of the cheeky visage of a Fiat 500. As the little Italian slid by on the right, however, it proved to be anything but the tiny coupe of which he, or we, are familiar. Sporting an extra six or so feet, this 500 limousine makes you wonder just why the streets of Hollywood are clogged with Town Car and Hummer-based monstrosities. You think the bar in this Fiat has Chianti?
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    Fiat is not a good car for the limousine that is well used Mercedes or Jaguar, because there is greater freedom and skin. also makes it a better chance of red carpet parties to show gold chains and many beautiful girls.