Fastback Friday Long Shots: A Pair Of Bradley's Favorites

So, a couple of weeks ago when I was down in FantasyLand for TheSmartOne’s high school graduation and we were out and about checking out the automobile scene, we stopped by the local Rolls/Bentley/Porsche dealership. As I was grabbing a couple images of cars, a sales dude backed this Phaeton Ghost (thanks man) into place. When he got out, he hollered over to me to grab and image of the suicide doors.  I didn’t have the heart not to as this guy seemed pretty proud of it. While this thing is nice and desirable, make the jump to see what this olelongrooffan thinks is cooler.

Yeah in the image above are, not one, but two 40’s era Cadillac convertibles awaiting restoration at a local shop.  Yeah, my fellow Hoons, infinitely more interesting than new Rolls Royces.

But I did capture a few images of the Porsches they had in stock at that dealership there on US 41 in downtown Naples, just across the street from the Beach Club golf course.

In addition to those high end SUV’s there was a ton of that controversial four door sedan Porsche came out with a few years ago.  Now these things are nice but in reality what we saw a little bit later was even nicer.

Yeah, over at Dr. Johnny’s there was a beautiful 1957 Beck Porsche 356 Bathtub convertible replica.  And of course, it was bright red.

With just a tad of damage on the rear end of it.  I didn’t realize Beck replicas were fiberglass.  Maybe it is just a few body parts.

This baby had a cool as hell tan tonneau cover.  It has been awhile since this olelongrooffan has seen one of these.

I wonder if Beck’s has a licensing agreement with Porsche to build these things.  It seems to me they must or else lawsuits would be rampant aka Carroll Shelby and all those copies.  But $24,000 for a damaged replicar seems a bit out of reason.  But hell, this olelongrooffan has been wrong before.

As a member of the Brown Car Appreciation Society, there is no way this olelongrooffan could pass up capturing some images of this 911.  Although I don’t know the exact year, the design of those bumpers suggest post 1974.  Paging Bradley.

I spotted this gem in the same line up of cars in which I found the newer Maverick as well as the Pontoon Mercedes Benz featured recently in Long Shots.   This olelongrooffan is calling this my Fastback Friday submission as well.

And this one is a Targa to boot.

Also, Happy Father’s Day weekend to all my fellow Hoons.  Enjoy it with those you love.

Images Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

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