Fastback Friday: Lifted MINI Cooper Edition

Ok, so it’s not a “fastback” per se (or is it?), but what it is, is a MINI Cooper S with a lift kit. And mudders. Yes, a MINI Cooper, not the cute-ute but a regular Cooper S, with mud terrain tires. And it’s awesome!


I am not sure of the exact reason why the owner chose to install (possibly manufacture too?) a 3″ suspension lift, but if you have to ask why then you’re missing the point. The questions is why not?

Fifty hours of work and a trip to the hospital (I guess it’s a good thing MINIs are relatively light) and it’s done. And I like it! People lower, or slam, their cars all the time. I am not sure far off-road this MINI can go but it looks like a really cool rally car, and judging from the below picture wheel articulation is pretty good too. 

A very important but often overlooked thing for Jeep and other such vehicle is a spare tire in the proper size and I have just the solution for this guy. Good job!

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