Fastback Friday: Citroen GSA

While searching for a parking space in an unfamiliar ‘hood, we came upon this sublime frog.  By pure coincidence, we’ve come across Jaan Hjorth‘s personal ride!
Jaan is a local celebrity in the obscure autophile substrata of Lancia and Citroen enthusiasts.  The Renaissance Man finds once ubiquitous but now rare cars in Western Europe, ships them to his shop in Berkeley, and goes to town on them, mechanically speaking.  To truly get a taste of his mad genius, go to his rambling, brilliant, and always entertaining website.
I assume you just spent the last two hours on Jaan’s Eddins Moto website.  Don’t feel bad.  It’s universally addictive.  You’ll note that he mentions this particular Citroen.  After a nightmarish ordeal of purchasing and shipping the car here, Jaan decided to switch the car to fuel injection.  Just to prove that all things have a “common denominator”, he used a Peugeot fuel pump, German temperature senders, a Suzuki throttle body, Italian relays, and a computer from a 3-cylinder Geo Metro.  Mon dieu.
While chatting with Jaan on the driveway, I admitted to my wife that I had secretly bid (unsuccessfully) on another of his Citroen GS.  Surprisingly, I didn’t get the death stare from her.  In fact, she encouraged me to get a decent GS when one shows up on the market!
In any event, Jaan has cordially invited me to his shop.  Much more to follow.
And here is his business card!
Images source: Copyright 2012: Hooniverse/Jim Yu

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