Fastback Friday: 2010 Morgan Aero SuperSports (Design Week)

Let’s say that you got to the point in your life where you have become a man of confidence and class. Over the years you happened to make a little dough along the way too. You are happy, relaxed, experienced. By now you don’t talk much but when you do, people listen. Your actions speak louder than your words and you are not to concerned with what anyone else thinks. This is the car for you.


By 2010, when this car was manufactured, the Moran Aero 8 received a much needed face-lift which corrected the controversial cross-eyed look. There was also a new 4.8-liter 367hp BMW engine under the bonnet which gave the 2500lb AeroMax an impressive horsepower-to-weigh ratio.

The Aero SuperSports is the targa-top version of the Morgan Aeromax. Aside from the after-market radio the interior appears downright beautiful in a classy, sophisticated yet inoffensive way. One thing the Brits usually get right is the interior styling in their luxury cars.

Does not look like there is much room there, but I’ll be willing to try. To me, this looks like the perfect car to take on an early morning trip on some isolated secondary road. Just you and the car… the road… and fresh air.

No one would buy this car for its perforce or its looks alone. Updated from its original cross-eyed version, has Morgan got this right? Will this be a sought-after classic one day? Or will it be known as retro-styled version of an icon?

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