Fastback Friday: 1990 Mazda FC RX-7, the Porsche 944 Fighter

An unmolested RX-7 is a rare sight indeed.  This red specimen, though by no means perfect, is nevertheless a wonderful example of what the 944’s competitor looked like.

The lack of a hood scoop leads me to guess that this is a normally aspirated model.  It pumped out 160 horses, while the turbo version had 200.  The 1989-1991 944S2 produced 208 hp. 

Mazda openly admitted that the FC was designed with the Porsche 944 in mind.  Their dimensions were virtually identical.  The Mazda’s wheelbase was less than a inch longer.  Overall, the Mazda was exactly an inch longer.  The Porsche was 0.4″ taller.  They both weighed around 3,000 pounds.  But it’s not just the numbers.  Visually, they look similar.  I’m willing to bet that many people (who are not car nuts) have confused one with the other.  

This particular car was spotted in Los Angeles.  A quick walk around revealed twisted wires holding the front license plate and a hairline crack on the plastic rear view mirror .  Other than that, it still looks pretty sharp.

I asked Alan, who owned an FC RX-7, about the car. He replied:

“It felt sophisticated. It had fantastic, accurate and feelsome steering, loved to go sideways if provoked but was very neutral otherwise. The passive rear steer was noticeable. Decent brakes, nice heel and toe-able pedal box– it just got all the details right. Of course, the 13B was awesome.”

‘Nuf said. 

Images source: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Jim Yu

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