Fastback Friday: 1977 Toyota Celica GT Liftback

Despite that the fact that so many were sold we are not likely to see many older Japanese cars survive to be classics. One of the reasons for that is the fact that they were just used as daily vehicles, reliably racking up hundreds of thousands of miles before ending up in a junk yard, all used up. That or they just rusted away. In either case most of these vehicles did not receive a lot of enthusiast love, even the sporty or less popular models.

This mint-ish enthusiast-owned 1977 Celica Fastback can be considered one of the few survivors. Bonus, no stupid mods and a reasonable price. Let’s see what’s what…


From the ad:

Details. Located in the Southern Interior of British Columbia. Price is $6,500

Here’s an opportunity to own a very rare Toyota. I have a 1977 Celica GT Liftback in original paint with original interior and original motor with 90K on it.

I am third owner and have documentation from new including the signed warranty cards from Toyota. It has the original tool bag and jack.

I pulled the motor so that I could pretty up the engine compartment.

The car had sat in a garage for 12 years and I performed the engine bay restoration 5 years ago. The car has about 1000 miles on it since I got it running and its only been to car shows.

Exterior: Original paint, has some bubbles starting but no holes. I’ve buffed it out, there’s a few dings but its in very reasonable shape. The link below shows the worst of it. It has the halogen conversion, and I’ve converted the safety bumpers to smileys. These were sourced from Australia – chrome is very good with no rust. The louvers are Cragar and were NOS purchased off ebay. The glass has a light blue factory tint.

Wheels are Konig rewinds with Toyota centers. These have falken 512’s on them and they’re a great performer. The GT stripe is original and it still has the dealer option of the rub strip.

Interior: Original seats, carpet, floor mats, dash etc. and working Toyota Cassette. Headliner was replaced as it was sagging and the shifter boot was as well as it was cracked. It has the original shifter knob. There is no crack in the dash or any of the upholstery.

The ESP system works and will tell you if the battery is low, rad fluid needs attention, booster needs attenion, brake pads are too thin etc.

Engine: I had the head off to replace the head gasket ( precaution only) and redid the oil pan gasket, replaced the water pump, thermostat and all rubber. The rad is new, and brake, and clutch cylinders are new. The booster is new. All wheel cylinders and calipers are new. Fuel pump is new and comes with a genuine new replacement. Clutch is new and is a centerforce clutch. The carb is rebuilt and I have a rebuilt spare. I ordered brand new factory hose clamps to replace the not so nice ones and decals where necessary. It has a brand new 2.25 custom exhaust with magnaflow stainless 6″ can, 4″ stainless resonator and stainless tip (sounds great – not tinny but rumbly.

Driveline and Suspension: I have replaced all fluids – there are no leaks. Rear shocks have been replaced with Tokico performance units and I have new strut bearings and performance struts for the front.

Parts: I have a fibreglass chin spoiler, smog pump, some electrical components, the lower dash, mirrors, some chrome trim, speaker covers, wind shield, quarter glass, new stock springs and rotors and factory manuals.

I have the original bumpers and steel wheels which have been sand blasted and repainted

I am willing to sell or trade and make up the difference. I am looking for an 80 series in as good condition as this car with lockers and a full service history. Prefer no greater than 150K miles.

If I can’t find the 80, I’ll also take trade on 80 series front and rear factory or ARB lockers with 4.88’s, harness and switches/compressor. We’ll work something out.



So, question and answer:

  • Rare and/or unique? Yes.
  • Good condition? Yes.
  • Fun? Yes.
  • Well priced? Yes.

The 20R engine pretty much cannot be killed. Part availability might be an issue, not sure I don’t know the market that well. The most important thing – comportment owner. You can just tell from how the ad is written and the fact that it’s posted on an enthusiast message board. I want it. Buy it, play around with it, sell it… if you’re in Canadia. 

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