The False Neutral Podcast Ep. 99

Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #99 – I’m Not Cool Enough For This Party

It’s just your three regular hosts this month, and we update you on our projects (and workshop spaces) extensively before going on to talk about electric bikes, then a couple of new bikes including the BMW R18, Harley Pan-American, and the Indian FTR Rally.

As always, photos of all the bikes/planes/hot air balloons we discuss are included below.

False Neutral – I’m Not Cool Enough For This Party

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Royal Enfield Continental GT 650
Honda Z50R
Garrett’s Yamaha RZ350
Fabrication of Bultakenstein’s rubber-isolated rear engine mount
“Draco” bush plane
Ducati Supermono replicas
Harley-Davidson LiveWire
Zero SR/S
Pursang E-Track
BMW R18 bagger patent drawing
BMW R18 cruiser patent drawing
Triumph Rocket 3
Malcolm Forbes’s Harley hot air balloon
BMW R1200C
Harley-Davidson Pan American prototype
Indian FTR Rally
Garrett’s KX250 project, prior to disassembly

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One response to “Two Wheel Tuesday: False Neutral Podcast #99 – I’m Not Cool Enough For This Party”

  1. spike_africa Avatar

    Those BMW cruisers are so weird.