False Neutral Podcast #122 – Conflicted Crossbreeds

We’re a day late this month. This episode’s sound files got corrupted mid-edit, and I wasn’t able to meet our usual Tuesday debut. Apologies to Chris and Ross for weaseling in on our sister podcast‘s usual publishing day.

In this episode, we look at a lot of bikes with odd combinations of influences: race bikes that are really baggers but aren’t, Buell’s new adventure-tourer that is neither an adventure bike, nor a tourer, nor new (along with one that is all of those things), a scooter-minimoto hybrid, and a few other things that really shouldn’t go together. 

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An archive photo of Garrett’s RZ350 (the nice one).
2022 Buell SuperTouring
CFMoto MT800
CFMoto 650MT ADVentura [Cycle World photo]
King Of The Baggers racing action [AMA photo]
2022 Honda Navi
Honda Hawk 11 teaser photos

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2 responses to “False Neutral Podcast #122 – Conflicted Crossbreeds”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    As mash-ups go, my recently discovered* favorite is the Yamaha TDR Dual-Sport Two-Stroke.

    Available as a single cylinder 125 with dual headlights, or a twin cylinder 250 with one headlight.

    *Hey, they sold them in Canada but not the US.

    1. OA5599 Avatar

      # of cylinders + # of headlights = 3.

      Feng shui influence?