False Neutral #7: "What's in YOUR Workshop?"

This week we discuss our project bikes, which include Bultakenstein, Garrett’s radical RZ350-based custom, and a few other bikes we’re just trying to keep on the road in more-or-less stock condition. After discussing Dakota Mamola along with his dad, arguing over the definition of “UJM”, and praising the CBR600F2 as a cheap track bike, we end up commiserating over the difficulty of getting anything shop-related accomplished. Whether it’s fabricating one-off custom bikes in a race shop or just going out to the garage to put an old, neglected bike back on the road, the wrenching skills, money and time available never seem to be quite adequate. But we still love doing it.
Well, at least one of us does.
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False Neutral – What’s in YOUR Workshop?


Eric's heirloom XS400.
Eric’s heirloom XS400.

Pete's custom Bultaco roadster, "Bultakenstein"
Pete’s custom Bultaco roadster, “Bultakenstein.”

Garrett's mutant RD/RZ custom
Garrett’s mutant RD/RZ custom.

Another view of Garrett's unfinished mutant
Another view of Garrett’s unfinished mutant.

Guy Martin's BSA triple. Compare and contrast.
Guy Martin’s “Wall of Death” BSA triple — compare and contrast.

Garrett's Suzuki T350 Rebel.
Garrett’s Suzuki T350 Rebel.

This café racer was originally built as a track bike.
This café racer was originally built as a track bike.

Garrett's heirloom Vespa.
The Vespa Garrett’s father-in-law bought new.

The Vespa with one of Garrett's CT70s nearby.
The Vespa with one of Garrett’s CT70s nearby.

Pete's "quick and easy" Honda CL125S project
Pete’s “quick and easy” Honda CL125S project, which ended up being neither quick nor easy.

Pete's rather cramped workshop area.
Pete’s rather cramped workshop area.

Bultakenstein's - October, 2011.
Bultakenstein’s inception — October, 2011.

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  1. BigRedCaveTroll Avatar

    I like the look of the mutant. The rest are cool too, but that’s definitely my favorite.

    1. Garrett Michael Avatar
      Garrett Michael

      maybe someday i’ll finish it… 😉