False Neutral #6: Richard Varner & The State of American Road Racing


This weekend, the professional U.S. motorcycle roadracing season gets underway at the Circuit of The Americas in Austin, Texas. Fittingly, our guest this week is Richard Varner, CFO and co-founder of the KRAVE Group. Not too long ago, KRAVE was awarded the commercial rights to the AMA’s MotoAmerica pro racing series. Richard discusses the state of pro motorcycle roadracing in America and what we can expect this season and into the future. If you have even a passing interest in motorcycle roadracing, what Mr. Varner has to share will be well worth hearing.

Note: Due to the fault of absolutely no one, the sound quality this week leaves a lot to be desired. Unfortunately, this is the sometimes unavoidable result of four open mics and four internet connections of varying quality, all being mixed down “raw” into a single digital track in real time. We processed this episode in post-production to make the source material as listenable as possible, but the result sounds a lot like listening to a homemade AM crystal radio. We promise that next week’s episode will be as rich, dulcet, and noise-free as a DVD-Audio recording of James Earl Jones and Morgan Freeman reading Wolf Solent. Okay, perhaps not quite.

False Neutral – Richard Varner of MotoAmerica

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