False Neutral #56: How Many Bikes Do You Really Need?

Garrett’s back! Yay! We have a lot to catch up on with him this week, so our episode is longer than they’ve been lately. After we update each other on what’s been going on, we debate the question of how many bikes a motorcyclist needs. What is the optimal number, and how many is too many? There’s obviously no single answer for all riders, but we have fun discussing it even if we don’t definitively answer the question. Along the way, we relate owning bikes to firearms, personal watercraft, houses and children. We also debate when a parts bike ceases to count as a motorcycle, and the merits and pitfalls a Turo-style bike rental app would present.

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Due to time constraints and the nature of our conversation this week, there are no bike images included this week. As a consolation, our lede image features the contents of Garrett’s garage.

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False Neutral – How Many Bikes Do You Really Need?

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6 responses to “False Neutral #56: How Many Bikes Do You Really Need?”

  1. smalleyxb122 Avatar

    How many bikes do you really need?


    1. outback_ute Avatar

      One at a time? Well I thought so until I saw the picture above at least

  2. Ryan Avatar

    How many bikes? All the bikes!!!

  3. Mitch Horner Avatar
    Mitch Horner

    Listen to Clevland moto episode on Riders Share (https://www.riders-share.com/). Considering doing this when traveling for work.