False Neutral #54: Topic Grab Bag

It’s just Eric and me this week, and we touch on a veritable smorgasbord of different topics in this episode. We debrief Eric’s professional roadrace update in episode #53, then talk about what what’s gone on in our workshops. (Thanks to Garrett, it’s actually “something!”) After a quick update on several of the new 2017 models that are just hitting the streets, we answer a few listener questions, kinda like a real podcast. A big thanks to those who sent queries and comments in!

And since there’s only one lonely photo this week, there’s no jump. Here’s your promised view of the engine plates Garrett gifted me with:

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False Neutral – Topic Grab Bag

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One response to “False Neutral #54: Topic Grab Bag”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    You know, I’m pretty sure the new Rebel’s intolerably uncomfortable seat is just a heritage touch, a nod to the original Rebel.