False Neutral #48: Moto Surfin' Part 1

After a quick catch-up on Eric’s Mustang and Garrett’s new son, we take a moment to mark the one-year anniversary of our first episode. Eric would like to add a new daily rider this season, so we discuss the two likely candidates before delving into our topic for this week: motorcycling on the Internet. How we get motorcycle-oriented content — both professional and amateur — has changed greatly over the past couple of years. We share our current favorite and less-than-favorite motorcycle websites, vlogs, and forums. Links to all the sites we discuss are included after the jump.
We’re returning to our original 30 minute format, so this conversation has been split into two episodes.
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False Neutral – Moto Surfin’ Part 1

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4 responses to “False Neutral #48: Moto Surfin' Part 1”

  1. Abhi Eswarappa Avatar

    Pete, how can I get in touch with you?
    – Abhi from Bike-urious

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar


  2. ninjabortion Avatar

    Revzilla has a decent youtube page, and their blog page is actually great as well. They post a ton of new vids for new gear as it comes out, so many that i have no time to watch em all, just skim the ones i’m interested in.
    Fortnine is good on youtube, personally not a fan of their latest gear destruction series but i can see who you could get into it.
    Webbikeworld has great reviews, stuff like personally compiled helmet list weight chart

    Home – 08-2021

    Odd bike is pretty rad
    Honestly there is just too much free content out there, toss in actual print magazines and it is impossible to keep up.

  3. Shipley1836 Avatar

    “Cross training endure skills” channel on YouTube is great fun for the off-road guys!
    A big second on motogeo. Check out Jaime’s film “the freedom machine” on YouTube or Vimeo. It’s worth your 35 minutes and couple of bucks.
    I also like everide ADV on YouTube.