False Neutral #47: Geeking Out on Two-Strokes

Despite the lede image, we only say a couple of words about the Alpha BMW
…but it was too cool a shot not to include!

Mark Atkinson is back as our guest this week, at his suggestion. We delve into the dying star that is the two-stroke motorcycle world, discussing everything from porting specs to our favorite two-stroke manufacturers. If you enjoy hardcore tuning and engine-building talk, you’ll be in heaven while Garrett and Mark compare notes on building big-power RZ-based twins. This episode a 100% raw, unedited track, so you get what you get this week, as it happened. Fortunately, Mark is a fantastic guest who keeps things interesting.

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False Neutral – Geeking Out on Two-Strokes


Mark’s RD/RZ Land Speed Record bike
Mark’s RZ-based motor
Mark’s Dyno chart
Garrett’s 650cc RZ
650cc capacity requires extensive machine work
RZ 650 cylinders
Garrett’s 350 Rebel
Buddfab 50cc LSR streamliner
A Honda NSR oval piston and rods
Rotary valve Kawasaki single
An aftermarket 2-stroke V4
2017 Yamaha YZ250
Garrett’s Lectron carbs
Rotax Type 486 500cc single
Hijera T486 Rotax
Ryger 2-stroke

Click here to download the article I mention by Gordon Jennnings on designing two-stroke expansion chambers.

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