False Neutral #45: Glorious Noise

This week’s “exhausting” episode is all about the sounds motorcycles make. After I reveal the mystery bikes you hear in our intro and outro bumpers, we briefly talk about books and old magazines before Eric and I move on to what bikes we think sound the best. This week it’s imperative that you make the jump, since I’m including all the YouTube videos we discuss.

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False Neutral – Glorious Noise

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3 responses to “False Neutral #45: Glorious Noise”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    That Honda RC166 video is one of my favorites. It’s difficult enough to get the sound of an exhaust to soud good over YouTube, but to get the whole trip around the track is some phenomenal sound recordist chops. It sounds on the back stretch like some howling beast in the forest from an H.P. Lovecraft novel. (Get it? “HP”?)

    Those Laverda Jotas are the 180 degree crankshaft versions of the triple. That guy has an RGS sitting there, which has the 120 degree crank like my RGA Jota, but his has a custom 3 into 1 pipe on it. (There was a factory 3:1) He has a vid of that, but he’s shadowed by a CB750.
    Here’s pretty much exactly what my RGA sounds like now that I’ve put the stainless 3 into 2 on it (Actually a 3-into-1-into-2.)
    (I recommend looking up “Laverda V6 start by Cor Dees Laverdamuseum”)

    1. Peter Tanshanomi Avatar

      Interesting trivia: the rider piloting the RC166 in that video is Hikaru Miyagi. Not only is he the designated rider for Honda Collection Hall, but he also set the 660cc land speed record last September at Bonneville at over 260 MPH. Talk about your dream jobs.



  2. ninjabortion Avatar

    Good listen as usual. I love how in the rc166 vid the tech touches the pipes right after startup to make sure everything is good, i tried that once when i thought i was having issues and remembered seeing it in an old school vid. Never again…

    I got into a kick of listening to why engines sound like they do awhile back, this old promotional R1 vid is so good:

    Another musical explanation vid i dig(vfr bias of course):

    How dare you not mention the glory of gear driven cams 😛

    Dry clutches are cool, but just like multiplates in cars they sound like something is broken most of the time.