False Neutral #42: Triumph, not Victory

FN-Podcast-42This week, Pete, Garrett, and Eric start off talking about cars before discussing the demise of Victory, Triumph’s new Street Triples, the kerfuffle over the Hooniverse Car of the Year winner, along with your questions about long trips and bad engineering. We also give you a peek into what subjects we might be covering in future episodes.

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False Neutral – Triumph, Not Victory

Flase-neutral-jump-header[We even included a couple of cars this week.]

2017 Kia Stinger
Pontiac Stinger Concept
Moto Martin CBX
Victory Judge
Victory Octane
Victory Octane
2014 Indian Chieftain
Victory Brammo Empulse
2017 Triumph Bonneville Bobber
2017 Triumph Street Triple R
BMW Alpha Concept

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4 responses to “False Neutral #42: Triumph, not Victory”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    Considering H-D has Project Livewire, it would make sense for Polaris to want to market the electric motorcycles they already have under Indian, albeit with some changes from the current Brammo sportbike design. At the same time, it seemed a bit redundant for there to be two cruisery brands under the same corporate umbrella. It’d be nice for Polaris to try and offer something a bit less leather and tassles, which this might free them up to do (hell, get really petty and get Eric Buell involved).

    Also, it seems odd for Harley to get territorial about EagleRider offering something other than their bikes, when they could just focus on their own rental programme.

    1. ninjabortion Avatar

      Might be better off with the Brammo as a Polaris so they can push it anywhere that is already selling Slingshots. Much like HD won’t have much luck convincing dealers to pus the Livewire, i don’t think Indian dealers will want to push new fangled tech. They are selling to people looking for a specific bike, nobody coming in for a nostalgic cruiser is going to opt for an electric. Selling electrics next to Slingshots makes sense because they are already open minded enough for an alternative type of ride. If anything i think the Brammo’s would make excellent rental vehicles, almost no maintenance on those things.

  2. Fuhrman16 Avatar


    But really, I see no issue with it. Everyone had the same chance to promote their nominees but didn’t and no one wins anything if you do.

    1. mdharrell Avatar

      As I mentioned earlier, I could have brought my car to the attention of the Allegro Club International but I would have been running the risk that the vast majority of club members might have voted for the other nominees.