False Neutral #40: Our Fantasy Guest List

First off, the three of us devote some attention to the 2017 Honda Rebel 300 & 500. We then briefly discuss a couple of other newly-introduced bikes that none of our listeners will ever buy, or likely even see. Finally, each of us names the motorcycle heroes — past or present — we’d most wish we could sit down and have a conversation with. Garrett’s Internet connection continued to have bandwidth issues in a few spots, but just convince yourself that he’s actually a cyborg; hopefully this will be resolved when we return. Speaking of which, we’ll be taking a break for few weeks over the Holidays. We’ll resume our regular weekly schedule on January 10th.

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False Neutral – Our Fantasy Guest List


2017 Honda Rebel 300
2017 Honda Rebel 500
1985 Honda CMX250C Rebel
1985 Honda CMX250C Rebel
Yamaha XG250 Tricker
[not “Trickster,” as I called it in the podcast]
Honda’s questionable factory-customized Rebels
Honda CBF190X Fight Hawk
[not “Night Hawk,” as I called it in the podcast]
2017 Norton V4RR

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One response to “False Neutral #40: Our Fantasy Guest List”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    As an accidental Rebel owner, I’m strangely intrigued by the new one. I don’t know how I feel about the customized concepts still (I’m Millennial, but not Millennial enough, I guess?), but one thing I heard in support of them was that it made sense as a step to appeal to all the extended-wheelbase Ruckus owners, to give them something to move to. It’s a little odd looking, maybe a bit too angular, but I at least respect they’re leading with something that’s not all Shiny and Chrome (but will it take me to Valhalla?). The ergonomics will be interesting to see though, or if they’ll offer more seat options. I appreciate the low height (very short of inseam), but where I sit naturally on mine, I’m wedged at the back of the seat, and it looks like this might be guilty of the same thing.