False Neutral #36: Bucket List Rides


The last couple of episodes have focused exclusively on motorcycles—the machines themselves. But the bike is only half of the magic of riding, the other part is the perfect road. Is there someplace you dream of riding to, or through, or around? Regardless if it’s the way the road curves, the scenery, or the destination, we all dream of that ride we’re going to do “someday.” Eric and Pete share theirs, and Garrett’s, too, even though he was not able to be with us.

There are no bike images this week, because they really didn’t factor into the discussion. I debated including maps of the routes we discuss, but that would make listening a bit anti-climactic, wouldn’t it? Instead, we invite you to Google some of the routes that you’re not familiar with. Trollstigen and Montvernier are probably the only two names that present spelling challenges and — what do you know? — we’ve included them for you here.

False Neutral – Bucket List Rides

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3 responses to “False Neutral #36: Bucket List Rides”

  1. Maymar Avatar

    In regards to the sheer scale of riding or driving across Canada, I’m sure I’ve mentioned the movie One Week (in which Joshua Jackson plays a guy who gets terminal brain cancer, buys an old Norton Commando, and rides from Toronto to Vancouver Island on the advice of a Tim Horton’s cup, to a CanCon soundtrack, and at one point, meets the Stanley Cup – this movie bleeds maple syrup). Apparently during filming, after a couple days driving, his then wife asks if they must almost be in BC. He points out they haven’t even made it out of Ontario yet. It’s a big country.

    Also, the Cabot Trail in Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton is a great route, lots of twists, elevation changes, there’s even a motorcycle-friendly B&B along the way (the Yellow Sidecar Inn). We went in mid-October (albeit by car), and the traffic was starting to thin out, and we had great weather. Just, watch for moose.

  2. The Real Number_Six Avatar
    The Real Number_Six

    This conversation crosses over into our cager friends’ world – I’m sure a Hoon in a Miata would enjoy Lolo Pass as much as I do on my velocipede. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/–PQK21I30c4/U7taby04raI/AAAAAAAAEWU/hN9MFFt38ls/s1600/DSCN0490.JPG