False Neutral #31: Garrett’s Supermoto Vlog

This week we’re doing something different. Rather than just let you listen to Garrett talk about his YZ450F supermoto conversion, he’s created this helmet-cam video. After he gives us a quick walk-around of the bike, he shares the experience of riding across town and gives us the lowdown on how he converted the bike and what it is like to own and ride.

For those of you who want to listen to the False Neutral in your car or while mowing your yard, the audio track is available as this week’s podcast on ShoutEngine and iTunes, However, the podcast is identical to the narration in the video above, which will provide a much better overall experience. (To be fair, the audio version may be preferable for those of you who have a fetish for heavy breathing and four-stroke engine sounds.)

False Neutral – Garrett’s Supermoto Vlog

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One response to “False Neutral #31: Garrett’s Supermoto Vlog”

  1. jeepjeff Avatar

    Hmm. I haven’t noticed any dirty looks from people when riding my TW200 around. Then again, there are roving bands of people riding actual dirt bikes in East Oakland, so it’s not notable nor do I think most people register me as anything other than “motorcyclist”.

    Your supermoto sounds like quite a bit of fun. It would also make a great bike for lane splitting. Narrow and nimble are good for that.

    The TDub has many of the same virtues as your supermoto, and all of the vices: particularly the narrow gearing and narrow seat. The virtue it’s missing is power… It’s still great.