False Neutral #30: Loose Ends & Auction Bikes

This week’s episode has no special guest, just your three regular hosts. We talk about our own bikes; Garrett found some interesting anomalies inside his TX750 engine. We also talk about bikes we’ve recently seen for sale, both online and in person, and bikes we’d LIKE to see for sale. The discussion wraps up with Pete’s reactions to his visit to the Harper classic bike auction.

NOTE: Rather than include individual photos of Mike Harper’s collection, I’ll simply refer you to my separate Hooniverse article about the auction.

False Neutral – Loose Ends & Auction Bikes

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Except where noted in the captions, images are standard press kit/website photos used courtesy of the respective manufacturers.

Garrett’s TX750
MV Agusta F4 1000s
MV Agusta 675 Brutale
EBR 1190 RX
EBR 1190 SX
KTM 1190 RC8
Moto Morini 501 Excalibur
Craigslist photo
Moto Morini New York
Kawasaki Spectre 750
Hemmings.com photo
Confederate G2 P51
Keanu Reeves’s Arch Motorcycles
Indian FTR750
Harley-Davidson XG750R
Harley-Davidson XR750

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5 responses to “False Neutral #30: Loose Ends & Auction Bikes”

  1. Batshitbox Avatar

    Those Moto Morini cruisers make me think of the Ducati Indiana. (That’s a bad thing. And what is it with the state names? Moto Guzzi had the Florida.) Evidently it went like stink and handled real well, being a worked over Cagiva-Ducati Elefant Dual Sport at heart but was otherwise a Butterface.

    1. jeepjeff Avatar

      Yeah, they compared them to the Duc Indiana. Italian cruisers just feel like a bad idea all around.

      1. Batshitbox Avatar

        Ah. I figured they mentioned the Indiana, but since it wasn’t in the photo column I thought I’d make sure everyone got to see the nutty beast.
        I wonder if they’re still a good Dual Sport. It might be fun to throw some knobbies on those mags and take one out on the fire roads just to freak out the squares.

  2. Hunter Willkie Avatar
    Hunter Willkie

    Thank you for the new bike! Ive owned a 04 Buell XB12R firebolt and a 08 Buell 1124R. As an Austin resident I went into AF1 Racing to look at the EBR 1190RX since the deal was to good to pass up and ended up going home with a brand spankin new 15 Aprilia Tuono APRC for the $400 more than the EBR. 300 miles and 2 days later my back and heart thank you! Kick stands up!