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Watch Jonny Smith fall in love with the Honda e

The Honda e is arguably the most fascinating new EV on the market. It stole the show at Frankfurt in 2017 and has become a bit of a fan favorite. Sadly, it’s not something American fans will likely ever see because it can’t fit a family of twelve with their luggage while towing a cruise ship over the Rockies. But we can at least admire it from afar, and this detailed video review from Jonny Smith with the appropriately-named CarPervert makes that easy.

He takes us through every aspect of the Honda e, from its performance and the way it drives to the many features found inside. The review runs 27 minutes but you’ll be left knowing all you need to know about a car we’ll never see. And if you’re like me, you’ll probably fall a bit in love with it too. Check out the full video below.

[Source: CarPervert]

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5 responses to “Watch Jonny Smith fall in love with the Honda e”

  1. Zentropy Avatar

    Here’s a car that–other than being RWD–I really should have no interest in, yet I find myself wanting one. The design is brilliant. I’m admittedly not keen on the cameras replacing mirrors (why make a complex solution when a simple one exists?), and I’m generally not a technophile (I think touchscreens in a car are a safety risk), but I really like this car. I could do my typical why-no-manual-transmission tantrum, but gearing is unnecessary in EVs, so I won’t whine.

    Teslas don’t interest me in the slightest. The Honda e, in contrast, I find very appealing. Plus, it comes off as charming rather than pretentious. I want one.

    (I immediately recognized Smith’s voice before he appeared, and haven’t watched Fifth Gear in years. I like his presentation style.)

    1. Fuhrman16 Avatar

      I agree with you completely. If we are to be forced into EVs, I would much have something like this than any other on the market.

  2. Sjalabais Avatar

    I’m enamoured with the e myself. We have considered buying one new, which crashes with every financial advice we believe in, but it still offers such a great package, that we might get one. We certainly do not live in an urban environment, but a 4m car with space for four and a few bags really fulfills the daily needs we have. For bigger trips or demands, there’s always a second car. The only ‘if’ that is very real is the riding height – they seem to sit really rather low. That rules out a fair bit of gravel roads and winter driving.

    Couldn’t help but notice this garage shot at the start of the video: The 240 is what used to be the perfect car in my mind. If circumstances, politics and priorities weren’t constantly changing, I would still have one. But the contrast to the e is really rather stark…

  3. salguod Avatar

    Living in the country with a 30 minute drive to almost everything, I have no business wanting this, but I do. It’s fantastic and I think the review nails it. Yes, competitors have more space and more range, but they don’t have the compelling character of the Honda E.

    1. Zentropy Avatar

      I agree. As much as Columbus loves Hondas, I can’t imagine buyers wouldn’t swarm to this car. I’m stunned that the company has no plans to bring it to the States. This would lure in buyers that had never before even considered a Honda. Hell, if it can pique the interest of this old-school, V8-loving, who-needs-power-steering/brakes/windows/etc., 60s-car-loving enthusiast, it’s bound to find an audience here.

      It’s hard to argue with the engineering, but Honda’s current U.S. design language sucks. Not since the Element have they had anything remotely interesting. Even at best they are generically unoffensive, and at worst (looking at you, Civic Type R) they’re just ugly. The Honda e is a breath of fresh air– a simple design that is all the better for what it doesn’t try to do. No angry eyes, no superfluous body cutlines, no gaping carp-mouth grilles.