F1 2010 Will Rain on Your Parade Lap

The upcoming console and PC game F1 2010 looks to raise the bar in environmental dynamics, as this work-in-progress  promo video describes.
Any video game driving simulator will be judged by how realistic the interaction with the environment is. Some games do provide changes in the game’s algorithms to account for the differences in traction a wet track affords, but it looks like F1 2010 will take that to a whole new level.


Now, when it’s too wet to race in real life, you can still get your rain tire groove on in the virtual world. Just remember a finger squeegee to keep your mask clear.

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  1. lilwillie Avatar

    I haven't done any online racing in a long time but this game might get purchased.

  2. pc games Avatar

    Iv seen this somewhere before, typing to figure out where it was, nice blog.

  3. hair extensions Avatar

    If I were you I’d check how your site is viewed in Internet Explorer 9. It’s like I know, IE is a piece of monkey dung, but still there are users who read your blog from IE. And it looks like…. meh! You get the drill. I use FF from home, but here at the office those idiots from MIT won’t install other browsers on our computers. Microsoft must’ve bought them all!