European Cars of the May 1st Cruise

Continuing with the cars from today’s cruise through town, it’s time to show off the European selection of the cruise. Widely ranging from recent to good old stuff, the gallery is worth scrolling through. Even this MG F is excellent; those chunky wheels fitting those Hydragas-suspended wheelarches perfectly.

But wait! There’s more.

A fire-engine red Fiat Panda 4X4 definitely deserves to be here, even if it was just passing by before the actual happening.

So was this Clownshoe BMW…

and this 240 wagon.

This VW Beetle was very festive.

A mid-to-late-’60s Saab 96 is a nice thing to see here.

And a Renault Dauphine with the correct yellow headlights.

This Rover 75 is in better condition than the 3-litre I saw earlier.

Not only a P1800, but a P1800ES for Extra Suavety.

This 997 GT3 CS made a point of revving its engine angrily…

..and so did this 928, which I’ve seen hauling ass around town, burning rubber on parking lots. The chrome wheels are kinda tacky.

This 124 Sport Spider got a deservedly rapturous reception yesterday, but:

BAM! Here’s another 124 Spider. I love this town.

A Mercedes Ponton. Blue suits it well.

First SLS I’ve seen IRL.

Here’s an R129 SL. Yes, it says “V12” on the side. Yes, it’s a six-cylinder one, a 300SL if I remember right.

Everybody likes a W126 coupe, right? Those Pentas have some serious rubber on them.

A Fiat 600! Do I see yellow paint on the tire, too?

Everybody loved this Mini, not only because the driver had a helmet on.

This Lada got a lada love, too (sigh)

But nothing was as madcap as this Escort. Look at the billet wing.

Next to it, this brown two-door Granada was positively understated – as was this blue Escort.

We’re finishing with this snot-green Renault 4. Either the car is really small or that steering wheel is huge.

Stay tuned, there will be more cruise goodness later on tomorrow.

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