Entertainment: Car Show Scavenger Hunt

Springtime, and car show season, are only a few weeks away.  Yes, a chance to walk around and admire the hard work and dedication of others.  Also, a chance to turn up your nose at someone else’s poor taste.  A chance to nitpick details that you would never dream of having on your car.  Since you are doing it anyway, print out this post and make an afternoon of it.

Let’s face it, there is a huge variance in automotive taste.  As different people like different cars, they also like different car accessories.  Some are head-scratchingly awful, some are just weird, some serve no purpose whatsoever. 

Without further ado, here is a Hooniversal list of items to hunt for at the next show you attend:

  • Embroidered “Bel Air” on seats
  • Stuffed Pink Panther
  • More than 6 stuffed animals in one car
  • Mannequin
  • Car Hop window food tray (With plastic burgers)

[Image credit: thanks2frank.com]

  • Mullet (Extra points for a skullet)
  • Less than 2 year old car
  • Guy wearing bib overalls
  • ’68-73 Nova with too much rake and rear tires sticking out early ’80s style
  • Neck tattoo
  • Creepy stuffed kid (Researched: Actual name is Time Out Doll)
  • Key guard (Extra points for Playboy key guard)
  • A generally inappropriate use of gold where chrome should be
  • Chameleon paint
  • Bullet hole decal
  • The Stars and Bars
  • Use of a beer can in an engine compartment
  • Use of brass knuckles in any manner
  • Fuzzy dice
  • Betty Boop
  • Lambo Doors not on a Lambo
  • A car with emblems claiming more displacement than it actually contains
  • Rat rod with no front brakes
  • Buick portals on a non-Buick
  • A guy dressed to match his car
  • A woman dressed to match her car
  • A couple dressed to match each other (These three could be checked off at once)

Of course, this is only a partial list of the awesomeness you can find at most local car shows.  Please, add to the list in the comments section and help us make this the best car show season ever. 

 Scott Ith is an Associate Editor with Hooniverse.com, but he also contributes to his own site NeedThatCar.com.  Head over there for more hoony goodness.




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