Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Zombie Cars

EnHo-zombies Encyclopedia Hoonatica originally appeared as a daily feature here on the ‘verse for a few months the fall of 2010, but has only popped up sporadically since. Well, today marks its return to the regular Hooniverse schedule as a weekly feature to brighten your Mondays. For those of you unfamilar with how this works, I’ll toss out a specific characteristic or odd quirk that differentiates certain cars, and your job is to fill the comment stream with all the examples the Hooniverse hive-mind can generate. (However, please do us the courtesy of reading through the existing comments first, so we don’t clutter up the list with needless duplicate entries.) Just as this feature has seemingly returned from the dead, our encyclopedia entry today is Zombie Cars: vehicles that went out of production only to be revived later (in original or modified form) by a subsequent company or brand, or just some lone crackpot who bought stamping dies from a bankruptcy auction. As a caution, here are some instances that would NOT belong on this list:

  • Vehicles that outlived the original production run due to being licensed to a secondary manufacturer during production, such as the Willys Interlagos and Hindustan Ambassador.
  • Vehicles that changed marques but never really went out of production, such as the Bertone X1/9 and Pininfarina Spider.
  • Totally new vehicles that were reborn in name only, such as the Mini Cooper and the . . . well, we really don’t need a second example of that one, do we?

But part of what makes Encyclopedia Hoonatica facinating is that your job is also to help define our entries: What about vehicles whose cancellation was announced, then rescinded by the maker? Should those be included here? One such example was BMW’s R100RS motorcycle*, which was ceremonially put to death amidst great fanfare in 1984, only to reappear three years later with few changes other than a single-sided swingarm. Is this a Zombie? * for the purposes of Encyclopedia Hoonatica, “cars” includes motorcycles and trucks and any other close cousins to automobiles, unless specified otherwise or simply nonsensical for inclusion.

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