Encyclopedia Hoonatica: Contrasting Greenhouse Paint

enho-contrasting-greenhouse A convertible’s cloth top by necessity breaks up the horizontal lines of a car, contrasting the cloth top with the steel below the beltline. On some cars, this looks strikingly good. Vinyl tops were originally designed to mimic that look without the fresh-air option. While vinyl tops are largely derided by Hooniverse readers, it’s not the only way to get that contrast. Over the years, car makers have used contrasting paint on the greenhouse to get the same effect, with some really great results, and a few not-so-great. For today’s Encyclopedia Hoonatica entry, we want you to list all the production vehicles that were available from the manufacturer with two-tone paint jobs that accentuated the vinyl/convertible look. Remember, E.H. is first come, first served, so read through the comments first so you don’t clutter the list with duplicates. DIFFICULTY: EF2

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