El Camino Royal Knight Edition: Hot Vinyl Gryphon Action

There was a brief but luminous period when huge faux-heraldic appliques were the ne plus ultra of Detroit chic. Remember the “poulet criard” that graced the hood of the Trans Am? Then there was the Royal Knight …

Sporting a couple of what I assume to be a pair of mating Gryphons exhaling fire after a particularly exuberant session of truck-bed hokey-pokey (the “ribbed steel cargo space” is for extra pleasure), this special-edition El Camino was more than just a vinyl kit – ok, scratch that, it was exactly that. So what? You owe it to yourself to look into the Royal Knight and its sport mirrors – sporty! I guess the only question here is, if you were a dragon, would you hit that?

Thanks to Jason for the tip!

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