eBay Find of the Day- Porsche 917 Throttle Bodies

More rare than unicorn snot and civil political discourse are these aluminum castings that are claimed to be off of the flat twelve that powered Porsche’s insane 917 racer. The seller says they’ll also fit the 935, in case you’ve got one of those in your garage instead. It’s not often that you come across such an object on eBay, and that scarcity drives the jaw-dropping Buy It Now price of $3,995. That’s for a pair of manifolds that, should you happen across a 917 in Pick-A-Part, would run you about eleven bucks each. It should be noted that while these would be all that was needed for application to a 935, you’ll need another pair for a 917, as it uses four of the damn things. In case you are unfamiliar with the 917, it was a derivation of the 908 endurance racer and gave Porsche its first Le Mans win back in 1970, a feat that was repeated a year later. The 917 represented another first for the German maker- that being their first 12-cylinder engine. That massive 12-pot pancake was so big that the 917’s driver had to sit far forward, with his feet unavoidably ahead of the front axle center- and awaiting an ankle-shattering front-end shunt. The four and a half litre 12 pumped out over 520-bhp and pushed the long-tail version of the 917 to a back-straight blistering 240 mph top end. The 917 was one of Porsche’s most historic and successful racers, and now you have the opportunity to own a piece of that venerated history. Yeah, right. eBay

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