eBay '69 AMC Javelin Checks All The Car-Ad Boxes

Let's be honest, you don't care if she's had her tetanus shot.
In the spirit of today’s Hooniverse Asks, and my unrequited love for all things AMC, we stumbled across this ’69 Javelin on eBay earlier today. Clearly the seller has been reading Hooniverse, because he’s learned every lesson of how to sell a car on the internet, and he’s learned them well.
Wholly unloved, the Javelin wasn't a bad-looking car.
First and foremost, the seller knows we love patina, and that it’s not something to be ashamed of. He provides an absolute plethora of photographic goodies, with dozens of excellent photos and close-ups of the car showing its every flaw and foible. Secondly, he’s brought in a sexy girl to pose with the car, and he’s done that just right as well. No cheesy bikini models, no tacky lingerie, no bizarre monkey-and-yellow-spandex combination. He’s got the girl next door, with casual clothes and a look that makes you almost — almost — believe she could be there of her own free will. Thirdly, he’s been honest to a fault. He documents every tiny detail of the car, showing macro-shots of the door pins, the switches, a Motorola something-or-other box. In fact, with his excessive documentation, the car ends up looking like a pretty good buy. After all, knowing exactly what you’re getting into is the biggest hurdle anyone must overcome when choosing a project.
The car! Pay attention to the… oh nevermind.
Fourthly, and most importantly, he exhibits a bit of the boundless optimism that has become so legendary on eBay and Craigslist, although one can’t help but wonder if much of it is intentionally tongue-in-cheek. Speaking of tongue-in-cheek, have a few more photos of the sexy model. For photos of the car, uninhibited by the girl blocking the view — which is the fifth indication this guy knows what he’s doing; for those of us who tend to yell, ‘get the girl out of the way, I wanna see the car!’, he obliges — just head over to the original eBay ad. For his attention to detail, a fantastic patina, a decent sense of humour, unwavering honesty, a classic AMC coupe, and a very cute model, we enthusiastically endorse the purchase of this vehicle. And if anyone can track down Javelin Girl, we’d happily feature her again too.

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