Eastbound and Down – US Imports Sleeping in the Snow

To serve as a counterweight for my earlier Lada post, here are some tons of heavyweight metal shipped here from more Western shores than those Togliatti beauties were. Sleeping under the weight of Saturday snow, these cars and trucks and whatnot have travelled quite the distance to make it here. Some of them must find the weather conditions slightly more challenging than what they’ve used to – even if they all seem sturdily crafted.

All of them are for sale at a local used car dealer. As interesting larger-engined import cars do not really sell in wintertime, they’ve let to slumber for the time being, until the rays of spring melt the snow and the cars are resurrected, washed and waxed.

Can you tell what it is yet? Yeah, it’s a 1998 Town Car with the 4.6-litre V8, with 118 000 kilometres on the clock. Under the snow are Estonian plates, inside the car is luxurious leather as it should. The car is most likely still for sale, but the listing is removed as the car sits stationary – when the weather improves, the car is likely to resurface online as well. Wonder if anybody here feels the Panther Love?

The second car here is a 1985 Pontiac Firebird SE, with the not-too-powerful 2.8-litre V6. While the powerplant is sure not to set anybody’s heart on fire, the car is in excellent condition with only 50k miles – and it’s a manual. It should be excellent inside out.

I especially like the throwing star alloys. I’ve also always preferred the F-Bird to the comparable Camaro.

Any readers from Elmhurst, Illinois? The Pontiac says “Hi”.

What next? How about a 1992 4Runner SR5 from Hollywood, FL?

3.0-litre V6 and 109k miles, and looks to be in sharp condition. The 4-Runner isn’t common here, and most Hiluxes and Land Cruisers are diesel, so this Toyota is sure to stand out when the snow is cleared off and it hits the streets.

Let’s finish with a bit of a stretch.

It’s a 1993 Cadillac Fleetwood limo, registered for nine people and with 95k on the odo. Sadly, no leather but inspection is recent and it seems to be in rude health.

It’s also the newcomer of the lot, as it’s not yet buried in snow.

Which one of these would be your choice for cruising the wide open prairie of the West Coast of Finland – if we pretend you needn’t take USD 8,5/gallon fuel into account?

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