Early Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Is Too Slow to Age

Early Golf Mk2. Minimalistic design at its best.
I first saw this silver VW Golf yesterday, as I left for home and walked to my car. The light conditions were far from ideal for the Golf’s details to photograph well, so I passed the chance. Luckily, I saw it again today in perfect lighting, and I was happy to document its flawlessness. I’m sure there must be three ballpoint-sized rust spots on this early-80s car. It’s that well kept. Despite being a lowly CL and most likely a 55-hp 1300cc, it has at least been specified with a metallic colour. The paint is in exceptionally good condition with nice shine present; after seeing countless dulled Golfs it’s a welcome sight. And since there are a lot of beater-tuned Volkswagens trundling around town, it’s nice to see an old Golf that has very little modifications done to it after delivery – the screw-on aerofoils at the rear window being the only ‘improvements’. The small-windowed doors with the mirrors mounted far back, along with the slim bumpers, date this car as being a pre-1987 car. Bifa is still an official Volkswagen dealer in Åland, the small archipelago island off the coast of Finland. The car has probably been bought there new, and then registered in the Österbotten region as the plates are Vasa ones. All in all, it most likely belongs to (an elderly) Swedish-speaking owner. There, left from the towbar but right from the exhaust – that’s rust. Except for that and just a little browning at a wheelarch, this could be a couple-year-old car. Even the front plate has kept its shape and hasn’t cracked. I wonder if the odometer reading is past five digits. I really like the simple hub caps on the steel wheels. This car needs absolutely nothing done to it – except being taken care of. I really hope it continues to be in a good home. When is the last time you saw a VW of this vintage looking this good?

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